50lb dog called Cassi squeezes through cat flap to get into bedroom 

They’ve become one of our most cherished double-acts, a pair of comedians in their early 60s who’ve battled back from serious ill health to enjoy a new lease of life as celebrity fishermen. Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer have pulled on the waders for another memorable episode, heading north to the rivers Tyne and Slot Jackpot Terbesar Eden in search of English salmon. Ted, the Patterdale terrier owned by the show’s executive producer Lisa Clark, is along for the ride – and for any leftover fishy morsels.

Footage filmed in Tualatin, Oregon, on November 15, shows owner Jaime Cedarlin waving some salami to entice her newly adopted six-month-old giant schnoodle Cassi who is standing on the other side of a baby gate.

Public and private hospitals should know that the hospital management system vendor they are selecting is capable of catering to the needs of the hospital and could provide them better financial insight and patient car

Graham Stock, senior sovereign analyst at Blue Bat Asset Management, said government funding through bitcoin could discourage El Salvador from adopting sustainable spending policies, adding the country would likely continue to need International Monetary Fund support.

Supporters have hailed Bukele’s plans – including making bitcoin legal tender in September – saying they would bring jobs, financial inclusion and foreign investment to one of the Western Hemisphere’s poorest countries.

ing website The Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (Sada) says persistent low mood, lack of interest in daily activities and feelings of guilt, despair and worthlessness can be signs of SAD. Other symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, overeating, low libido and g

You will be presented with several vendors when you look into the marketplace. Some vendors opt Electronic Health Record (EHR) and then select the condition under which they are made useful in the hospital, others vendors select an EHR software and then plan to support the the current hospital information system in india in plac

A proposed amendment, which could affect the 750 cats registered in Fremantle, will now be drafted by city officers before going to the council, which will decide if it is to be advertised for public feedback. 

Make a lists of things you would like to note before going into an online product demo.

By doing this, you will have a clear cut idea of the Hospital management system you intend to purchase and how it can be used to solve different problem

They should also be a part of HMS selection as they could provide you the valuable feedback regarding the exact requirements. It is best that each department participate in the selection of the hospital management syste

Matt quit his role as host of The One Show to help run the family farm in County Durham, and there are still plenty of chores to be completed before he, wife Nicola, their children Luke and Molly and Matt’s parents Mike and Janice can enjoy their Christmas dinner.

Talks with the IMF for a $1 billion loan have stalled amid concerns over a lack of transparency and the price volatility of cryptocurrency, as well as fears of democratic backsliding as Bukele consolidates power.

“Building the economy around crypto mining and attracting crypto businesses is an untested strategy to put it mildly,” he said, adding Bukele did not appear to have plans to increase growth and tax revenues.

Sir David not only chooses his favourite seven recordings from the natural world – among them the songs of lemurs (left), humpback whales and lyrebirds – but also explains their personal significance in this fascinating documentary.

Finally ask yourself if you definitely need to change the current HMS or do you just want to because sometimes you only to upgrade the existing Hospital information system. Based on the answer you arrive at, you can choose a wise decisio

Several attendees aired worries about the government’s Chivo wallet, where Salvadorans can send and receive bitcoin – highlighting tensions over a state tool for a currency created as an alternative to government financial systems.

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SAN SALVADOR, Nov 25 (Reuters) – El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele took the stage last weekend at the end of “Bitcoin Week” to the cheers of fans delighted his Central American country has become the first to adopt crypto currency as legal tender, alongside the U.S.


It can be a challenge for anyone to stay chipper when it’s dark by 5pm, the cold wind is biting and the sun has failed to break through the cloud all day. However, for around two million people in the UK winter is a time when they just can’t shake the gloom. If this is you, you may need help with the effects of seasonal affective

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