Philippines set to resume resupply mission to South China Sea

A royal source told Page Six: ‘There’s a lot that goes into the logistics and the planning of the family Christmas, so of course, staff know that Harry and Meghan are not coming. If they were, they would have communicated it to their family by now.

‘But something we know for sure about William and Kate is that they want their children to feel normal and so they certainly won’t be lavishing them with expensive gifts, that’s for certain. They won’t let them be spoiled.’ 

John Hammond, who worked for both the BBC and the Met Office and now co-runs forecasting agency Weathertrending, said: ‘It’s meteorological mayhem with huge disagreement on what happens in the months ahead.

The firm, which won the BBC’s multi-million-pound weather contract from the Met Office three years ago, said: ‘This winter is likely to feature a weak polar vortex, bringing increased cold risks from Arctic air masses later in the season. January and February could feature frigid air, similar to last year.’

On Thursday, the Philippines condemned “in strongest terms website ” actions of three Chinese coast guard vessels that it said blocked and used water cannon on resupply boats headed toward Second Thomas Shoal, joker 123 which is locally known as Ayungin Shoal.

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Most know from bitter experience that meteorology is far from an exact science, but Britain’s two leading weather forecasting services have given completely contradictory predictions on what we can expect this winter.

A favourite charity of the Duchess of Sussex (pictured during an appearance on talk show ‘Ellen’ this week) now fighting like cat and dog over claims of wasted money, falling standards of animal care, and even allegations of bullying, racism and homophobia

The whistleblower also claims that one senior staff member referred to a junior worker who wore glasses as ‘Speccy Four Eyes’, called an Asian woman ‘Old Slitty Eyes’ and scoffed at a gay man’s talk of his husband, as well as a lesbian couple’s plan for a child.

Experts last night described the opposing long-range forecasts as unparalleled and they risk causing havoc for businesses such as energy suppliers, transport firms, supermarkets and airlines which rely on forecasts to plan ahead.

A charity spokesman said it had carried out a necessary restructure and added: ‘Any staff strike action would significantly affect the charity’s ability to care and treat the sick animals.’ The charity ‘refutes any allegations of poor animal welfare’.

However, the Met Office is hoping to improve its chances with investment in a new £1.2 billion supercomputer which is expected to be the most advanced machine of its kind dedicated to weather and climate.

It is possible Prince George, Princess Charlotte, both pictured and their younger brother Prince Louis will have one Christmas at Anmer Hall, one at Sandringham and one in Berkshire with the Middletons (pictured at Sandringham on Christmas Day 2019)

DTN, headquartered in the US state of Minnesota, employs 200 meteorologists around the world. Its parent company bought Dutch-based Meteogroup in 2018 and created the world’s largest private weather forecaster.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are currently living in a $14million mansion in California, are also expected to miss the Queen’s annual Christmas lunch for her extended family, which is usually held at Buckingham Palace.

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Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, six and Prince Louis, three, are likely to get three Christmases this year, royal expert Duncan Larcombe claimed (pictured at a special pantomime performance at London’s Palladium Theatre, hosted by The National Lottery in 2020)

MANILA, Nov 21 (Reuters) – The Philippines’ defence chief said on Sunday a military resupply mission for the country’s troops stationed on an atoll in the South China Sea will resume this week, after it was aborted last week when it was blocked by Chinese coast guard.

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